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Trekking at Bir Billing

If it has always been your dream to trek through the mountains and amongst the untamed forests, Bir is the place for you. If your ticking travel bug has bitten you and brought you to Bir, you need to know that there are three famous treks surrounding our location. The Bara Bhangal trek, Raj Gundha trek and Barot trek are all easy treks which even beginners can also attempt. The Bara Bhangal trek is also known as the shepherd’s trek as it still doesn’t have a properly built road connecting to the village and is used mostly by the local shepherds of Kangra valley. It is a four-day long trek from the main village of Bir.    

You can also go for the widely famous Triund Trek which is a two-day trek which includes food and stays. Apart from these, there are numerous other treks which are equally rewarding to do.

You’ll be guided throughout the way by trained trek guides. On reaching your destination, you’ll experience an exquisite view of the hills surrounded by lush green trees, barbeque some food, enjoy food and drinks with fellow campers and campfire. Behold that wonderful sight and book group or solo treks with us.

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